Two weeks old

There is no doubt that Beaufort, the rootstock tomato on the left, is slower. What worries me most is its uneven growth. Some have only just developed their first true leaves, while others are much further along.  If these were being prepared for grafting, a stem match would be impossible–there are six seedlings with six different stem diameters. The three heirloom varieties are much more consistent in size.

I’m going to plant 20 more Beaufort seeds, using a different growing medium, and see if I get a better result. If not, I will dump Beaufort and go back to Maxifort, which I used last year. It is very vigorous, maybe a bit too vigorous, which was why I decided on Beaufort this year.

It’s disappointing when expensive seed like this produces such spotty results. I got the seed from Paramount, but it was in the original sealed De Ruiter packaging. I’ll be sure to let both of them know about it!